Leverage intelligence to work smarter, re-engineer your decision making, and transform your business operations.
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Delivering and driving long term impact, and transformational business change.

Improve business outcomes and become antifragile by leveraging intelligence within your ecosystem to reimagine your business and work smarter in a complex world marked by disruption.
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Our Value

We help you achieve business outcomes that matter, through accessing a shared operating picture of your company that enables better decisions across supply chain, digital marketing, customer behaviors, and revenue needs.


Connect your business to the intelligence exchange that hundreds of companies in your ecosystem are using, without costly investments, long lead times, or jeopardizing your strategic advantages and trade secrets

Riskless Transformation

In this New World, investing in artificial intelligence is risky, but change is essential. The Intelligence Exchange provides easy ways to de-risk your company's investment in artificial intelligence , real-time insights, and provides you with the tools to transform your business.


Leverage the exchange to package the exact intelligence you need to communicate the detailed operations of your asset's lifecycle, enabling you to syndicate and monetize your business decisions across all departments.

Continuous Intelligence

Use our intelligence blocks to assemble custom “intelligence playbooks” of outcomes that allow you to test, ideate, validate, and predict the future of your industry in real time.

Powered by Shortest Track, the Intelligence Exchange delivers and drives long-term impact and transformational business change through the most advanced intelligence on the market.

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