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Experts predict that Artificial Intelligence will deliver the innovation needed for businesses to thrive in the future. But relatively few businesses have successfully started their AI journey, and even fewer have realized AI's full potential. With the high costs, risks, and hundreds of untested AI vendors cluttering the market, many businesses are struggling to find a path forward.

AI is complicated. There are too many choices. The costs are too high. The outcomes are too vague. Businesspeople want business answers, not algorithms—they seek solutions that drive business transformation rather than highly technical math and analytics that require costly data science development teams to implement or scale.

“We help you solve the problems challenging your business”

Problem is critical to the enterprise’s core business or
mission extending outside the boundaries of the enterprise
fragmented analysis
Fragmented, disparate and poorly managed analytics are
being used or little analytics are being used at all
Old approaches don’t work
Traditional intuitive or analytic approaches are no
longer making significant impact
Complex, hard to recognize signals
Problem is very complex or crosses multiple divisions or
business functions (e.g., web, mobile and physical store)
Lots of signals captured within and outside enterprise
data sets surround the problem, but little or none of it is being applied
No optimization across the enterprise using analytics
that interact and are interdependent

We help solve everyday business problems

Businesses with data scientists

Already made investments in AI technology and have a good understanding of AI's potentials and limitations? You are probably frustrated by ineffectiveness with your own IT organizations and by data science teams' limited ability to scale.

Businesses without data scientists

Know you need advanced data science and AI as a part of your transformation strategy but not sure how to get started and unprepared for the investment? We're here to guide you.

Our Value

We believe that the current business models driving advanced data science and AI are on the edge of a fundamental change.

Solving for "Lack of Data"

The lack of data is the biggest roadblock for businesses adopting AI. Our technology removes this roadblock by "learning" from small datasets and then combining and leasing intelligence to numerous businesses. Sensitive data is not directly shared, and even poor-quality data can be used.

Solving for "High-Cost/High-Risk of Intelligence"

High costs and high risks can be reduced by "productizing" intelligence and then “leasing” it to customers through a low-cost “library" of business outcome-focused solutions. Solutions are easily accessible, scale rapidly, and deliver a predictable ROI.


To build the most secure and interactive community for purchasing data science and AI.


To Simplify the way individuals and organization interact with data science and AI.


So businesses feel secure and confident when shopping for solutions to solve everyday challenges.


We're in the business of helping other businesses.

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