Covid-19 intelligence collection

COVID-19 Intelligence Collection

We are operating at a time of tremendous economic disruption and uncertainty

COVID-19’s impact on your businesses creates a new world; you need new ways to work smarter. We
help you acquire and use the intelligence that solves the problems your business faces.

Need help in figuring out how to use COVID-19 intelligence to manage smarter?

Our Intelligence Exchange is a membership model for creating, distributing and growing the intelligence you need to help you get smarter faster, cheaper and with no risk. The Intelligence Exchange allows businesses to incrementally expand their intelligence without large scale investments in people, consultants, or infrastructure.

COVID-19 Disruption Index

The Shortest Track's proprietary state-of-the-art artificial intelligence uses a rich and disparate set of data resources to identify computer identifiable deep patterns that then compute and validate a COVID-19 Disruption Risk Index. Our two-step modeling methodology uses artificial intelligence to quantify a 360 degree view at the potential risks that US businesses face from the spread of the COVID-19 virus and likelihood of recovery.

Up-to-date propensities for at risk COVID-19 locations are overlaid together with overall additional demographics, US census, social determinants of health, lifestyle, macroeconomics, status of medical care, and up-to-date projections, and forecasts of viral spread using state-of-the-art viral dynamics.

Contributions from all factors are then harmonized using strict statistical approach in a single Disruption Index measure, which we recalibrate and update daily.

Want to learn more on how you can use the COVID-19 Disruption Index to manage smarter? click here.

COVID-19 Collection – Intelligence for the Next Normal

The COVID-19 Collection provides low cost, high impact and proven intelligence models that can be easily integrated to solve your core business problems: what will sell, where can you sell it, and where to invest to maximize revenue and reduce costs. Our intelligence will have a significant impact on your business.

We have created intelligence that uses the COVID-19 Disruption Index to make you smarter about:
  • Stores at risk: Which stores are at risk because they are not performing as expected
  • Products at risk: Which products and product categories are not performing as you historically expected?  Are these patterns returning to “normal”?  What is the “next normal” in product forecasts, category performance, and assortment?
  • Inventory at risk: Which inventory is at risk based the predicted impact of COVID-19 and other risk factors and how can you predict demand fluctuations on inventory including shortages and overstocks?
  • Demand at risk: Why are is your demand so volatile?  How can you better understand demand volatility on how COVID-19 and other social/economic factors put your demand models at risk?
  • Revenue at risk: Where is your revenue forecasting at risk?  Where are there threats?  Where are their unexploited opportunities?
  • Customers at risk: Which customers are not behaving as expected in terms of spend, foot traffic and frequency of purchase?  How will the predicted impact of COVID-19 and other risk factors affect your customer’s behavior? 
  • Marketing at risk: Where should you spend your marketing dollars?  What return should you expect?  How can you ensure you have optimized your investment as much as possible? 

Better Planning

The COVID-19 Intelligence Collection provides intelligence on customer, geographic area, store, and product impact by COVID-19 and where to invest resources, and where to maximize opportunity and minimize risk.
Simple pricing

Simple Pricing

Pricing is simple. Solution subscriptions are monthly. Cancel at any time. No hidden fees. If not satisfied reuse your investment to achieve results you require with other intelligence solutions.

Continued Growth

Each solution presents models for continued growth as well as the impact of different rates for eventual contraction of infection.

Finding a path forward is a challenge in today’s highly dynamic and hyper local environment.
Let us help you make your business smarter, faster!

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