The AI2 Intelligence System

The "Intelligence Exchange"


Current business models driving advanced data science and AI are on the edge of a fundamental change

For many companies AI is high risk, high cost and uncertain ROI. We are going to market as an Intelligence Exchange in which we offer our members artificial intelligence solutions at low cost and the ability to rapidly test, trust and deploy solutions. Think of us as a 'membership warehouse' for AI.

Continuous Trial

Solutions have a life-cycle. They are born, grow and then deteriorate. There is need for continuous testing, optimization and evaluation. Most businesses are not able to support continuous trial and optimization.


Businesses seeking new revenue streams are looking for ways of monetizing their analytic assets. Marketplace functions enable businesses to create, market, and manage the sale of solutions to business vendors, partners, and customers to drive loyalty, stickiness, and grow revenue.

Cooperatives and federated learning

Sparse data, high cloud computing costs, and challenges to accuracy and impact create high risks for businesses to implement AI strategy independently. Cooperative development and federated learning creates cost-effective, high accuracy, low risk solutions for businesses who seek to manage risk and maximize impact.


Improving community coordination and efficiency requires businesses to provide observations and common view of intelligence, activation and optimization opportunities. Educating individuals and organizations on functions that enable services to be understood without sharing specific data is a key factor in driving transformation!

Sourcing Intelligence

Best of Analytics

Source top analytics from developers in top laboratories, to create tailored best-of-breed solutions to your business’s unique challenges. The algorithms in our community offer a wide range of perspectives designed to complement one another’s insight.

Global data science network

Our global community of top data experts are constantly working to design tomorrow’s analytics solutions. Integrate the latest algorithms before the open market gains access to them, with our innovative onboarding system.

Open-source network

Browse a catalog of millions of open-source algorithms — or choose the right tools for your business from lists evaluated and distilled by our experts. Powerful search tools and filters make it easy to zero in on the algorithms that will benefit your organization most.

Commercial vendors

Develop relationships with cutting-edge data scientists, or purchase solutions from the many commercial organizations vending algorithms through our catalog. As participation on our network continues to grow, so will the benefits to your business.
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