The Ai2 Intelligence System

Our Artificial Intelligence Platform


To Simplify the way individuals and organization interact with data science and AI

The AI2 Artificial Intelligence Development and Deep Learning Architecture

The "AI2 Intelligence System" delivers high-value and high performing business-focused AI solutions.

AI2 stacks multiple neural networks on top of each other within a multi-functional "Platform." The Platform then processes one or more additional algorithms, selected or provided by the customer, to generate insightful AI. This AI-on-AI approach goes a step beyond "Deep Learning" to deliver exceptional results and value to business customers.

Community Benefits


Currently 25 outcome-focused solutions with >100 configuration options. Projected 2020 inventory of 60 outcome-focused solutions with >500 options.


140,000 algorithms, of which 1,000 have been proven in real business environments.


Over 200 curated data sources, including proprietary access to 17 years of longitudinal health data on 220M Americans.


40+ proprietary templates for defining data and algorithm requirements to address specific problems.


Worldwide network of highly-qualified data scientists with virtually unlimited capacity to contribute to new solutions.

The Community Architecture

The Navigator

The Navigator is a business-oriented AI expert who helps one explore and take full advantage of our community and all its capabilities. The Navigator matches your business needs with the capabilities of the Platform and Library.

The Navigator helps you identify business areas that have high potential for AI-driven impact, guides the sequence of implementation and testing activities, and uses a proprietary and scalable methodology to exploit the Platform’s unique capabilities.

The Navigator collaborates with you to select AI assets and Solutions for testing and deployment. Results are assessed by using industry "score carding" and best practices.
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