The intelligence exchange helps you work smarter in the new normal and addresses your most pressing needs.

Hundreds of companies across the foodservice and retail industry have combined their resources to build accessible intelligence with the intentional purpose of surviving digital disruption, monopolization of industry, and the impacts of a global pandemic.

The Importance of Intelligent Ecosystems

Innovative approaches are necessary, because in today’s complex new world, everyone is trying to ‘work smarter’ and the competition is fiercer than ever.
Businesses are rethinking operations to maximize revenue, generate new business lines adapting to a complex new world, increase resilience, and in the long-term, build anti-fragility into their processes.
This is only possible by enabling an intelligence driven ecosystem.
Members of the Intelligence Exchange are already utilizing this real-time continuous intelligence.

The Impact of Big Tech

It is becoming extremely difficult to succeed and thrive in the increasingly complex world, dominated by tech giants like the big four (Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple). In order to survive, grow, and thrive, businesses must change their processes and operating picture. You can do this by adopting:

Work Smarter

The Intelligence Exchange is a novel approach for creating, connecting, and contributing knowledge that helps you achieve the business outcomes that matter through accessing a shareable operating picture that enables better business decisions across supply chain, customer, and revenue needs.
We provide a continually updated view of your industry’s ecosystem, alongside powerful AI tools for use by the members. Hundreds of companies are now leveraging the exchange to transform their business in response to the disruptions of 2020 and our new world.

Members include hundreds of information scientists, suppliers, major distributors, and unique sources committed to understanding intelligence to predict the impacts and outcomes of their decisions and optimize their operations to smoothly respond to these uncertain times.
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